Event description

BAMA is just not about the games, it’s also a celebration of the game that we LOVE!

BAMA 2018 promised to its participants an unforgettable experience not just on the court but off it as well. We had players from all over India and Sri Lanka. We are hoping our next event will bring more international participants making the competition tougher. Apart from the matches being conducted with professionalism, Karnataka state chief referee overseeing all the matches with qualified umpires, the event had skill challenges, quizzes, workshops, interviews, photo-shoots & a lot more.

A prize pool of Rs. 5,00,000/- (~$ 7,800) across 4 age categories and trophies were distributed by the President, Karnataka Badminton Association and our sponsors.

We are thankful to Karnataka State Badminton Association for letting us use the state of the art facility and are hoping to conduct our future tournaments under their guidance and support. We used Yonex feather shuttlecock for our matches.

We thank our sponsors for their support.

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  • Juno Realtors
  • Core Physio


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