About Us

The BAMA Team


Anand is a successful IT leader, sports enthusiast, avid badminton player and an ambitious entrepreneur.  With 25 years of work experience in software development and IT program development, Anand is extremely passionate about bringing the best in his team and aligning them to a common vision (LinkedIn)

We founded BAMA with a vision to encourage more people to come out and play the sport. BAMA 2018, as a tournament, will provide a professional setup to amateur players and will make amateurs players feel like professional stars. There are a lot of amateur tournaments in India but BAMA will stand apart in terms of the experience it provides to its players both on and off the field!




Ranked India no. 3 (40+ age, doubles player – 2017), Deepak represents the top team from Karnataka for 3 years in a row. A calm and motivating full-time badminton coach for over 18 years, Deepak is a relentless professional focused on developing the untapped badminton talent.

Deepak brings with him the ambiance that one would expect in a real-time tournament with his strong presence in the badminton fraternity. His technical expertise in the game of badminton is one of the key factors of the professionalism that BAMA aims to deliver.