BAMA 2018 – Tournament FINAL instructions

In less than 2 days from now, you will be witnessing the first ever BAMA 2018 tournament.  

You are very special to us and the organizing team with the volunteers have been carefully crafting the tournament the last detail for a memorable experience for you.

We are approaching the tournament day and hence, we request you to carefully go through the following instructions.

Draws –> The draws were already published to you earlier in the day and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can now access and download the contents from our website at 

Tournament rules –> published here

Reporting time –> 60 minutes prior to your first match, arrive early to complete the registration process smoothly.

Location  –> BAMA tournament entrance is located left to the YONEX store located in the Karnataka Badminton Association (KBA),

Dates –> BAMA 2018 will be played between 2 days on 2-Feb-2018 Friday 3-Feb-2018 Saturday

BAMA official Inauguration –> 9.00 am on 2-Feb-2018, Saturday

Registration –> All players must report to the registration desk upon reaching the venue

Family, friends & your fans –> This is a big tournament and, yes, who would not love to have them! they are or course needed to cheer every single BAMA player throughout the tournament.  Please note they are strictly not allowed in the playing area & they will be directed to the viewing gallery.

Playing area:  The playing area is strictly restricted and only the playing teams are allowed to enter.  All the other participating players will be directed to the viewing gallery only.

For those who have registered and not completed the payment 

  • You will receive BAMA badge only after making the payment and completing the registration formalities at the registration desk.
  • Players with no BAMA badges will not be allowed to participate
  • ONLY CASH OR PAYTM will be accepted for PayTM.  Please bring exact amount to minimize wastage of transaction time.
  • Note, the registration fees for singles: Rs. 1500/- and Doubles/XD: Rs. 2000

What to bring –> Apart from your playing gear, you must bring their original government-issued ID card with the DOB, for verification while registering

Post-match refreshment –> each player will receive a coupon for every match played for a small refreshment.  Optionally, you can make use of the restaurant facilities available within the KBA complex.

Time management –> please help us deliver you the best BAMA experience

  • Matches will start on time, the time for every single match is already published
  • If the player (or the team) is not available, the opponent will be awarded the match
  • If both the players or teams are not available the match will be called off
  • The match related decisions will be handled by the tournament referee and it will final

Still, have questions? –> Feel free to reply to this email or call Harsha +919916299183

Lastly, we are extremely thrilled about BAMA, aren’t you? Come and #SwingIT

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